Properly Installed Ductwork is Critical to Your Comfort

The "lungs" of your home
Ductwork is typically in your attic, under your 
house or hidden behind the sheetrock walls. 
It is vitally important to your home heating and 
air conditioning system because the duct work 
is the "lungs" for your comfort system. It de-
livers air in and out of your system. The re-
turn ducts bring room temperature air into 
the system and the supply ducts deliver 
cool or warm air into each room. And any 
break, tear, kink or leaks rob your system 
of not only money and comfort, but healthy 
indoor air as well.

New ductwork
Having new ductwork installed to replace your old inefficient ducting can do as much or more to benefit your home as having insulation blown in or new windows installed. It is that important. And it is equally important that new ducts be installed properly for the correct airflow and correct system performance.

New system installed?
If you are considering having a new system installed, consider also having the old ductwork replaced. After all, why have a 2011 super high efficiency system installed and keep the old ductwork from 1982? For example, if you have the engine rebuilt in your favorite car, you certainly wouldn't reuse the old oil pump, would you? Probably not. The results would definately be inefficient and could be disasterous.

Older homes
Most homes built from the early 1990's on back have inefficient ductwork. Especially homes dating from the 70's on back. In those days energy was cheap. But we have grown to realize our resources these days are precious. And so are our energy dollars. We want them to stretch as far as possible. We see home improvement shows on television showing us how to caulk windows, doors and electrical outlets. But the air conditioning and heating system is the homes largest energy user - at about 65% of our utilities. Yet, we don't see anyone telling us to seal our ductwork or have it replaced. Also, most homes have enough air leaking out of their old ducts to feed a full sized bedroom. That's your money leaking into the attic or under a crawl space.

What to do
If you are having your system replaced, get a proposal for upgrading the ductwork as well. The results, when properly performed, will mean a cooler, cleaner, healthier and more efficient home environment. At Thompson's Cooling and Heating, we specialize in properly sized ducts for the maximum in system performance.

January 1, 2012
As of January 1, 2012, the City of Fort Worth requires a Blower Door Test be performed on all full duct change-outs for homeowners. And while this may add considerable expense to a new duct replacement job, you will be assured of a proper installation where the air you are paying for is going where you want it - inside your home to keep you comfortable.

Your investment
Why have your hard earned energy dollars wasting away in places you do not want to cool or heat? And why let airborne particulates penetrate into the living spaces of your home?
Look below at some of the many advantages to upgrading your ductwork today:

New ductwork options
There are several options available for new ductwork. The first is rigid sheet metal duct. This ductwork has been around for decades and is the most durable and rugged and has the best airflow characteristics of all. Moreover, it is also the most expensive and labor intensive. But it lasts almost forever.

The next options are flexible ducting in varying thicknesses and liners, respectively R-8 Value and R-6 Value. More than likely, if your home is more that 8 years old, you probably have R-4 ducting which is a thinner insulation product and not as efficient as the two above.

Ductboard,or fibreboard is a valuable option for speed and location and has an R value of up to R-6. This product, however, is usually relegated for plenums (air distribution boxes) and transitions from one HVAC component to the next. When properly supported, installed and sealed, this is a viable option.

For more information about upgrading your ductwork and your system call the professionals at Thompson's Cooling and Heating . Ask to 
speak to a Comfort Advisor to help you map out a clean air and comfortable 
home strategy. Call today

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