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Testimonials for A/C Repair & HVAC Service in Fort Worth, TX

"It is rare to find an individual with as much integrity and honesty as David Thompson. Not only do you know you are dealing with someone knowledgeable in his field, but you trust what he is telling you is for your benefit, not his own. I personally know of several circumstances where David refused to take on financial gain at the expense of a customer. In todays enviroment that is truely rare. 
       David has both years of hands on experience and is known as an incredible teacher of HVAC. If you are tired of deceitful sales practices, or poor solutions causing unending visits by the same 'typical" contractors, perhaps you should consider David. I cannot recommend him more." 

            Scott A. Sherwin 
            President, SalesMastery Consultants, Inc
"I thought you would be interested in the results from HVAC investment.  Well we have now had our new system including an Air Conditioner, Furnace and New Ductwork  a year and the results are tabulated with a 25.7% savings in electricity use and a 22.9% reduction in gas usage when comparing the year after installation with the year before installation.  Dollar difference equals $114.68 savings for gas and $396.35 saving for electricity.  That's about a 20 year payback with savings alone.  Plus the tax credit.  One of the things I think made a big difference besides the unit efficiencies is the new duct work with its additional insulation and reworking some of the curves and bends.  The house definitely heats and cools better. Let me know how you would like this presented and I will be happy to endorse your work."

           Paul M.     Arlington

 "Thanks for getting our rental unit up and working in Burleson!  We have a new tenant moving in today, and am glad to know that the problems were resolved while the house was still empty. God bless you."

         David G.     Burleson
Dear Mr. Thompson,
    Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I wanted to convey to you my terrific experience today with your company thanks to you and Mr. Pete Pinneda! First of all, I take it very serious when searching for and choosing a company to perform maintenance on or service my home. I value great customer service, competitive rates, and quality workmanship. I feel blessed to have found all three of these characteristics in your company today. 
    When I first called your company to get some information a gentleman took the time to explain everything to me. He assured me of your worker's experience and knowledge. Today Pete arrived and with a very friendly and approachable tone he told me about your company, gave me your business card, and explained in great detail how your service plan works. I asked allot of questions and he seemed more than happy to answer them. He then explained everything he did to my a/c unit, and informed me of any issue he found.
    You obviously know something that some business owners don't know: that you can hire some intelligent workers, get them all trained up and ready to go, but if they just aren't good people, and their attitude isn't right, well then it just won't work! I appreciate your company taking the time to hire diligent, positive, and caring professionals. I also appreciate the advanced training your workers seem to have.
    Please express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Pinneda. (By the way I think he deserves a raise!) I look forward to a positive relationship with your company as long as I own a home, and will definitely recommend you to my friends and family!

Kelly A.                    Fort Worth

"As a divorced mother struggling to raise three children without child support, I was at my wit's end when an unsavory contractor said my system was "shot" and must be replaced. I then called Thompson's, who promptly found and repaired a small freon leak, and had my family cool in a short time. What a blessing to know there are still people out their willing to help others. I will definitely call Thompson's to replace my a/c system!"

    -L. Spencer,      Ft. Worth
"After Thompson's installed my new system, I tracked my utility bills for one year. And from July to July, it dropped from $318.00 down to $178.00 a month. Now that is thrilling to anyone, but especially to a retired person!"

     - J. Rosa,         Fort Worth
"After Thompson's installed my new system and all new ductwork, my electric bill dropped from $900.00 down to $200.00 per month! And you can quote me on that!

Tommy W.             Fort Worth
"Please consider this to be my personal recommendation of David Thompson. He is personally disciplined, highly motivated and well skilled in his vocation. Over the past 14 years his company has competently installed and maintained many thousands of dollars of a/c and heating equipment at our church. And we have been more than pleased with the results."

- Lee Ingram, Pastor, Northwest Baptist Church, Fort Worth 
Another company told my daughter with four kids - and one in a wheelchair - that it would take $5000.00 to get them cooling again. But Thompson's came and repaired the system for only 10% of that price. David, I owe you!
Cathy G.                 Fort Worth