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At Thompson's Cooling & Heating, Inc. we value you and your opinion. After all, if it is important to you it must be important to us! That’s why we have provided you the opportunity to let us know how you feel about our product and service. Please fill out the form below to leave us a review. If you have concerns about the quality of service or products our air conditioning company provided during your service request, please call us at 817-560-4300.

Things to Consider When Leaving Feedback

  • Did we do a great job? Let us know so we can give the technician a well deserved pat on the back. This also helps the technicians for raises and promotions.
  • Did we miscommunicate something during our diagnostic period or service time or installation day that confused you? Tell us so we can retrain and provide a higher quality experience next time for you and others.
  • Were you unhappy with our product and/or service? Please tell us so we can come back and make it right! And remember, our business is 100% satisfaction. If we cannot make things right on return trips we will refund your investment.
  • Or maybe you have a suggestion to help us improve. Great! Let us know. We train and retrain and work hard to provide the best experience for you from the initial phone call to dispatch to repair or installation. But we are not perfect. Mistakes are sometimes made. But we believe the mark of a professional company is to admit our mistakes and do our best to correct them. We don’t have excuses. We have solutions. And you might too. So please leave us suggestions using the form below.

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If you have concerns about the service you received from our air conditioning company, please call us at 817-560-4300. If you have questions about our services and would like to know more, please complete our online request form.