HVAC Tips from Your Local Heating & Air Conditioning Pros

Check out the most recent articles from Thompson's Cooling & Heating, Inc. for HVAC tips covering topics like solutions for better indoor air quality, proper maintenance for your system, and more from our air conditioning and heating professionals.

What to Expect from an Air Conditioning Installation

humidifier fort worth txhomeowners shouldn't wait for their cooling systems to malfunction entirely before they schedule air conditioning installations with an experienced air conditioning and heating company. Even if you're attentive to the needs of your cooling system… Read More

3 Ways You Can Benefit From A Whole Home Humidifier This Winter

humidifier fort worth txNormally, humidity is only something that we tend to think about in the middle of the summer months. In fact, with the combination of sweltering humidity and the oppressive heat, it can sometimes be difficult to think of anything else. Whether you realize it or not, humidity can actually play a very important role in the comfort of your home during the winter months as well.… Read More

Avoiding the Need for Emergency AC Service

air conditioning fort worth txLet's face the fact that our air conditioners get a great deal of wear and tear during the peak of summer heat, here in Fort Worth. It is safe to say that just about every homeowner is going to find themselves in need of emergency air conditioning repairs, at one point or another. However, what you should also be aware of is that there are ways that you can avoid the need for emergency AC service, or at least limit the likelihood of that happening … Read More

Familiarizing Yourself With Options for Better Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality fort worth txYour own home has now become a place where matter like dust and dander can wreak havoc on your health. Statistics show that people spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, yet our indoor air is anywhere from 2-100 times more polluted than the air outside the home. All of this means it has never been more important to address the need for implementing better indoor air quality options … Read More

Understanding the Importance of Getting Heating Tune-Up Service

save money heating tune up fort worth tx Aside from heating repairs, the best way to prevent the need for emergency service is to schedule a routine tune-up. It can be easy to neglect getting proper heating maintenance service in a timely manner. There are so many other tasks to take care of, as a homeowner, this tends to become a back burner project. However, what you do not take care of can easily come back and make you regret your procrastination … Read More

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