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air conditioning arlington txAs a home or business owner, it is important to have a professional Arlington air conditioning and heating company in mind to call on, when you are in need of HVAC services. The mistake too many people make is to wait until they are in dire need of emergency AC service or heating repairs, and try to locate the right professional for the job. This approach usually leads to shoddy workmanship, over paying or, even worse, both.

Take a moment to do your research and ask around, and you will find that Thompson's Cooling & Heating, Inc. is the best way to go. Since 1997, our heating and air conditioning company has been the premier service provider for both residential and commercial customers. There is no reason to settle for inferior service, even when you are in a time of crisis. Don't make the mistake of accepting sub par work, when your cooling system deserves the very best.

Arlington Heating Experts

Addressing your need for heating service is just as important, even if you don't use it as much as your AC. What you need to know is that, when the weather gets cold, you will have a functional and fully operational heating system, ready to go. We offer some of the following services:

  • Furnace Replacement – You can feel confident that we will not steer you wrong when it comes to guiding you towards either repairs or replacement. At a certain age, or in a certain condition, replacement becomes the only sensible option.
  • Heat Pump Repairs – Heat pumps are still the most popular type of residential heating system. We have the knowledge and skill to handle your repair needs.

Best Company for Professional Indoor Air Quality

Thompson's Cooling & Heating, Inc. genuinely cares about the health and well-being of the customers that we work with. This is why we offer indoor air quality services. Let us help you gain insight about the options we have and then implement a system in your home.

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If you are looking for a reliable air conditioning and heating contractor in Arlington, TX then please call Thompson's Cooling & Heating at 817-560-4300 or complete our online request form.