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air conditioning Burleson, TXAt Thompson's Cooling & Heating, Inc., we take great pride in the work we do for our Burleson customers. That’s the approach we’ve taken as a local leading air conditioning company for well over 20 years now and will continue to take for the next two decades, and beyond.

Burleson locals will tell you that we work hard to help make sure you and your family don’t go a minute longer than needed without quality air conditioning. Keeping your home cool during the hottest Texas weather is our top priority.

The bottom line is that we treat you the way we would want to be treated, and that means making your service needs our priority. Don’t wait a minute longer than necessary to get your AC up and running, and don’t pay a dollar more than you should for quality service.

Home Improvement with Indoor Air Quality Services

Another important way we like to take care of our Burleson customers is by offering indoor air quality services. As important as your comfort is, it’s getting the quality of air in your home that you and your family deserve to be breathing.

Some of what we offer includes:

  • Air Cleaners – The same way you have a cleaner in place to purify your water, you need a system in place to clean the air. Let us help you take care of your air.
  • Humidifiers – Reintroducing moisture back into the air is vital and not just when the heat is running. It helps reduce the spread of viruses, alleviates snoring, and reduces the likelihood of dry skin.
  • UV Disinfectant Light – Commonly used in places where the conditions need to be sterile, not just clean, like hospitals. This disinfects the air and has become increasingly popular with homeowners, in recent years.
  • Plus more!

For optimal results from your Burleson air conditioning company, give our company a call – today!

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